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20% of the annual resources obtained from the sale of communication services are intended to sustain the Montaña de Sueños Private Natural Reserve. Located in the upper basin of the Meléndez River, Villa Carmelo district, in the buffer zone of the Farallones de Cali National Natural Park; there, the conservation of 12 hectares of very humid pre-montane forest is a refuge for our conservation objects.

There is a 4-hectare productive area with a management plan around various activities that are in the implementation phase: fruit forest, protein bank, fertilizer laboratory, rotational grazing chicken rearing, fish rearing, trails and zone camping. All embellished with gardens, bird feeders, signage and infographics.


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Our conservation objects

Here the conservation of 12 hectares of forest  humid pre-montane is a refuge for our conservation objects:

Barcino -  Calophyllum brasiliense

Cock of the Rock -  Peruvian Rupicola

Orange Warbler - Dendroica fusca

Canada Warbler - Wilsonia canadensis

Night monkey - Aotus trivirgatus

Crystal Frog - Centrolene savagei

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