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Multimedia Production
Ecoincentives Digital Tool

Interactive application developed for Patrimonio Natural.

EPK Jugglers

Portfolio of the Andean and Latin American music group Juglares

Digital proposal aimed at early childhood to raise awareness about issues of: Conservation, coexistence and good environmental practices.


Digital portfolio for the musical group ManiSon Brothers.

Multimedia Municipal Forest

Multimedia made as pedagogical support to the environmental education program of the Municipal Forest of Palmira.

EVVON Larvae

Interactive multimedia made for the Institute of Marine and Coastal Research - INVEMAR.

Multimedia Wetlands

Interactive multimedia of the project "Lentic Wetlands of the Cauca River Geographical Valley" Developed by the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Valle del Cauca - CVC.

Violence Prevention in Schools

Multimedia of the project "Prevention of Violence in Schools" developed by the Plan foundation.


Multimedia of the project "Volunteers" Funded by CVC

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